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Complete Your Katy Rooms with Quality Baseboards from Chico Floors & Remodeling. Your Trusted Partner.

Baseboards Installation Experts

High-Quality Baseboards in Cypress: Add a Finishing Touch with Chico Floors & Remodeling

Highlight your interiors with our professional baseboard services in Cypress, Texas. Chico Floors & Remodeling offers durable, affordable, and quality baseboard options that accentuate your flooring and heighten your home's appeal.

Baseboards serve as a vital accessory in the room décor, giving it a complete and polished look. However, the right baseboards can do more than just hide the junction where your wall meets the floor. The various styles, heights, and finishes available offer multiple ways to add character and style to your interior design.

Popular Baseboard Styles We Offer

  • Colonial Baseboards:

    A classic style that blends well with any traditional interior design.

  • Modern Baseboards:

    These are usually simple and sleek, complementing contemporary and minimalist designs.

  • Artisan Baseboards:

    These baseboards feature intricate detailing and work best in homes with a vintage or rustic theme.

  • Industrial Baseboards:

    If you're going for an industrial or loft look, these baseboards provide the perfect accent.

Our Efficient and Professional Process

  • Detailed Quotation: We provide a thorough breakdown of costs, giving you a clear understanding of where your money is being invested.

  • Precise Proposal: A comprehensive plan detailing the installation timeline, materials to be used, and a design that suits your interior.

  • Efficient Work Execution: Our skilled team will carry out the work, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. We prioritize completing the job on time without compromising the quality of work.

  • Final Clean-Up: We don't just install and leave. We make sure to clean up the working area, leaving your home just as we found it, but with new, beautiful baseboards.

Trust Chico Floors & Remodeling to provide a touch of elegance to your interiors with our quality baseboard services in Cypress.

Contact us at (832) 888-5369 for a free consultation and begin the journey to enhancing your home's charm and comfort.





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